Bondor: Basic Wall - Metecnolnspire

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Manufacturer: Bondor

Model Name: Basic Wall - Metecnolnspire


Inspire® is an architectural façade wall system delivering a high end appearance with a pallete of inspiring colours and attractive surface profiles. Inspire® architectural panels are available in thicknesses 50mm, 80mm and 100mm providing excellent thermal performance and custom lengths up to 16m.

Inspire® has a unique hidden-fix system concealing fasteners from sight, creating a flush and aesthetically pleasing finish for use in a variety of applications including external façades, internal walling and partition walls.


*In addition to the Project File containing all MetecnoInspire basic wall types, this download also includes 2D detail items for all 3 panel thicknesses (both single panels and multiple panels as line based detail item). It also includes 3 x Division Profiles for a more accurate representation of interlocking panel joins when using the Create Parts tool.



PDF Manual for Using Create Parts Tool:

Bondor-Create Parts Workflow